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On Tap

List updated 7/23/2019 at 5:45 P.M.

Founder’s Rubaeus… Raspberry Ale 5.7 % (pint only)

Founder’s All Day I.P.A… Session I.P.A 4.7 %

Founder’s Red’s Rye I.P.A… 6.6 %

Bell’s Oberon… American Wheat Ale 5.8 %

Perrin Black Ale… Coffee & Chocolate Dark Ale 5.8 %

Perrin Clear Coast Mango Guava Hard Seltzer… 5 % (pint only)

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy… Lemonade Weiss 5.2 %

Saugatuck Blueberry Lemonade Shandy… 5 %

Saugatuck Neapolian… Milk Stout 6 %

Coors Light… Lager 4.2 %

Miller Lite… Lager 4.2 %

Labatt Blue… Pilsener 5 %

Budlight… Lager 5 %

B.Nektar Zombie Killer… Tart Cherry Cyser 6 % (8oz only)

Bell’s Two Hearted I.P.A… American I.P.A with notes of grapefruit and pine 7 %

Cigar City Brewing Company’s Jai Alai… Tangerine and candied orange I.P.A 7.5 %

Bell’s Official… Hazy I.P.A 6.4 %

Strongbow Gold Apple… Traditional English Apple Cider 5 %

House cocktails


Mila Kunis… raspberry vodka, watermelon pucker, gingerbeer

Hey Mon… Malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice, gingerbeer

Spicy… vodka, jalapenos, Cointreau, gingerbeer

Honey Beee-Tucky… American Honey whiskey, gingerbeer

Strawberry… strawberry puree, vodka, gingerbeer

For more house cocktails… stay tuned!


bottles & Cans

Miller Lite

Coors Light

Miller High Life

Miller 64

Labatt BlueLabatt Blue Light

Busch Light

PBR 16 oz


Corona Premier

Michelob Ultra




Stella Artois

Sam Adam’s Cherry  Wheat

St. Pauli Non-Alcoholic

Mack Jac Black Currant Passion Cider

Farmhaus Cider Rotating

White Claw Rotating

Guiness 16 oz



Coastal Ridge Pinot Grigio

Coastal Ridge White Zinfandel

Coastal Ridge Chardonay

Jacob’s Creek Moscato

Coastal Ridge Merlot

Cavit Pinot Noir

Coastal Ridge Cabernet

Many of our taps, cocktails, bottles, and cans are rotating and may be subject to change based upon availability or season